Meet Payden

I am an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer with a Bachelors of Science in Sports Management. With my background mostly being in group fitness, college baseball, and bodybuilding, I believe the philosophy, “Everyone has an inner Athlete and the objective is to bring that athlete out”. Depending on how hard you push yourself everyday, depending on how bad you really want it everyone can achieve being an athlete. It may be the body you want, it may be the agility; strength, and stamina you want. Or it may be the reasons of good health, but the objective is to bring out the inner athlete in order to reach your goals.

With that being said, I am always researching the newest and most effective workouts in order for your workout experience to be interesting every time you step in the door.

I am located at Anytime Fitness in Weatherford with a wide variety of training options. If you are interested in a training program, program design, or a Free Consultation please give me a Call/Text @ 817-629-9158 or Email:

  1. Tracy says:

    I have trained with Payden for quite some time. He is an awesome trainer!!!! His workous are never the same and ALWAYS challenaging. He always answes my questions I have about muscle groups and what exercise works what. I recommend him to EVERYONE no matter your fitness level!!!!

  2. Kristie P says:

    Love working out with Payden! As a former athlete, I swore I didn’t need a trainer. After allowing myself to get very out of shape, I decided to join Payden’s bootcamp in September 2013. After a month I was feeling so much better! It wasn’t long before I was running faster, doing more pushups, and had developed a much stronger core. I ended up doing personal training sessions with Payden as well. I was so happy with the results! I hadn’t felt that good about myself in a long time. The only disappointment I have had is with myself. The days I decide to stay home instead of go workout. I’ve worked out with people of all different body types and fitness levels. They are all able to go at their own pace, and get a great workout. Each workout is different, so you will not get bored. Payden will definitely push you to work hard! I highly suggest you invest in Payden. He is such a nice person on top of an excellent trainer. You will be so glad you joined!

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